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Xlideit Image Viewer

Xlideit Image Viewer 1.0.200116 Image viewer for windows

Xlideit Image Viewer is a lightweight image viewer with the option to handle basic photo and slideshow mode. A bar of thumbnails is displayed at the bottom of the window displays all the images in the current folder. You can use the toolbar to access basic commands like: image slideshow, adjust zoom, rotate, delete, crop or change image size, sort the list or access the program settings.


Xlideit Image Viewer - image viewer for windows

By moving the mouse cursor near the left or right side of the window in Xlideit Image Viewer to display the arrow and select next image or previous. Move your mouse over the button to see a short description or over the thumbnail to view more information.

The main features of Xlideit Image Viewer

  • Display options images
  • Adjust, crop images
  • Change the size and format conversion.

The special thing is Xlideit does not require installation, however you can choose to set it as the default viewer for image formats are supported.

Application parameters:

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    Multi Language

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