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Wise Folder Hider

Wise Folder Hider Encryption-protected file

Wise Folder Hider is software file protection allows users to encrypt, put a password, hide file on the hard drive. Wise Folder Hider will is perfect software to protect data files on your system. When using this software you complete peace of mind with important files by themselves do not leak out, and anyone who uses your computer also can't know these hidden files that of you.

Wise Folder Hider offers users the ability to hide files, folders on the hard drive so that other people can't detect and access them. Thanks to Wise Folder Hiderbạn can protect the important data as well as information of his personal safety.

Especially true if you work in a office computer, somewhere, a colleague climbs, relatives, your friends, etc., can see at home, so don't worry about situations so you can download Wise Folder Hider.


Wise Folder Hider use password mechanism dual create multiple layers of protection for data including the password used to log in and a password used to hide or unhide the data. Drag and drop feature helps you to add folders or files to the interface of the program, or access the right-click menu to hide the file.

Features Wise Folder Hider

  • Password protection dual
  • Hidden files and folders
  • Hidden USB drive
  • Tool absolute security protects the file your data safe.
  • Encrypted files and folders
  • Lock and hide multiple folders at the same time using the method drag and drop
  • Automatic password recovery
  • Automatic updates
  • Technical support senior

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