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Trimble Business Center 5.20 Central data processing

Trimble Business Center is designed for the survey company, modern and offers excellent opportunities to handle general survey data, can be entered directly from the receiver and the remote satellite as well as from the total station and digital level. The modeling tools and intuitive, the most powerful offers high flexibility and ability to handle unprecedented of the package. Although there are many innovative features and unique program, extremely easy to use. Trimble Business Center is the result of many years of development and experience to ensure maximum comfort when working with the program, as well as data processing efficiency and accuracy. Functionality of the program combined multiple tasks to handle and present data in a user interface. Trimble Business Center allows you to import measurements from the satellite receiver, Trimble, as well as in RINEX format. The data in the import process can be checked and, if necessary, corrected the error made in the school.


Trimble Business Center - Central data processing

The program allows you to view and edit the the and vector observations, see the data in chronological order, evaluating the consistency of sessions and the observation of them, styling, handling, and use them as templates for calculations in other projects. The program has broad functionality to generate document reports. You can create various types of reports and data tables different. Trimble Business Center supports importing and processing data from all the station total Trimble, modern as well as the total station S / VX with controller, Trimble. You can import data from the total station 3600/5600 with the Geodimét and the level of digital series Dini in the program. Can combine optical data with measurement data in a project to adjust the joints next. Business center Trimble made balance general the network consists of the vectors observed GNSS has been processed, the total number of stations, and move the balance. The adjustment is made according to the method of the smallest, for reliable results and ensure high quality of final data. Trimble Business Center has a variety of tools to help you choose the right way to display data for quick analysis and convenient.

All project data can be viewed in graphic form. Graphics core TBC powerful provides quick results. Business center, Trimble made the most powerful tool to solve the problem, classic design as well as modeling the tracks and the surface. The calculation function in the program Trimble Business Center provides flexibility in operation, allowing you to enter data in many different ways, just use a command instead of implementing a chain of command. Trimble Business Center allows you to import the surface into a project from the other software products, as well as create them from the project data.

The new version of TBC in combination of two packages (TBC Survey and TBC Heavy Civil Edition (BC-HCE)) into a single software to handle all types of spatial data geography in survey and construction. The result of the merger, software TBC there are 7 major versions and 8 additional modules. Each of the next revision to include the function of all the previous times; four version first (field Data, modeling, surface, Intermediate survey and advanced) is mainly used to process measurements, geodetic and cadastral, and three other versions (Pattern site, construction site and building infrastructure) be used to solve the technical problems and geodetic particularly in construction. The number of modules for TBC also increased - the modular data processing mobile has appeared, as well as Drill / Pile / Compression and modeling of utility network.


  • OS: Windows 7/10
  • RAM minimum 2 GB (x86) / minimum 4 GB of RAM (x64) / RAM 8 GB recommended
  • CPU: x86 / x64
  • Hard drive: minimum 32 GB,
  • GPU minimum 10 GB : integrated GPU minimum / compatible DX 10 (Nvidia, AMD) memory minimum 1 GB recommended.

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