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Speedy Painter

Speedy Painter 3.6.4 Painting, sketching

Speedy Painter is a part are you painting sketch based on the OpenGL library, to help you create, design, photo or logo image videos on the computer. Speedy Painter to copy the motion of drawing frames, to always focus on the images are working.


Easily export the file of the drawing process of file avi video: ready to upload it to YouTube, Vimeo or the video sharing platform web other. You can create a drawing or collage laminated together to create videos, such as presentation. With the standard options for users have yet to experience, along with a number of advanced settings for those around you, this tool provides a fun way to relax using a desktop computer or graphics tablet.

The main feature of Speedy Painter

  • The ability to change the size definition and / or opacity
  • Playback of the drawing process.
  • Paint brush tool very rich (the ability to specify texture palm, motivation, color, scattering, size and angle jitter, etc.).
  • Import / export the whole drawing process.
  • Library paint brush: the ability to choose between the different brushes, enter the new brush and even to determine palm new custom

Application parameters:

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    Free Version

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    Multi Language

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    6/10   (1 voted)

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    10 MB

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