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ScrollNavigator 5.13.6 Navigate to the application

ScrollNavigator is an application to create the custom profiles to help easy navigation for each application or the whole computer with the custom settings. ScrollNavigatorhelps you to scroll your documents horizontally and vertically. Just click and hold the right mouse button (or middle) anywhere in the window and move the mouse to scroll the window contents.


ScrollNavigator - navigation scroll button in mouse

ScrollNavigator also adds the ability to increase the speed for scroll button in mouse. Rotate the mouse scroll will scroll the window under the mouse pointer instead of the pointer has the focus, so no need to click inside the window again. The button back, forward and middle of the mouse can also be customized and sent directly to the window under the mouse cursor.

The main features of ScrollNavigator

  • Roll two dimensions by a click of the mouse
  • No need to position the mouse cursor on the scroll bar
  • Works with all standard applications and most other applications
  • Press the "Ctrl" key temporarily disable that scroll direction
  • Accelerometer mouse wheel action (can configure full)
  • Roll the mouse wheel the window under the mouse pointer (no need to click before)
  • Mouse button back and work on the window under the mouse pointer (no need to activate ago)
  • Customize the mouse buttons back, forward and middle mouse can be fully customized
  • Support including windows 10

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