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Quick Surface

Quick Surface 2.0 Build 10 Pattern design, 3D product

Quick Surface is the optimal solution for reverse Engineering compatible with any 3D scanner export mesh in STL or point cloud PTX. Model parameter future for both organic shapes and prismatic. Export data in IGES standard or file format STEP or build full parameter tree history directly into SOLIDWORKS.


Quick Surface - pattern design, 3D product

The features and characteristics of Quick Surface

  • Interactive selection of the user instead of the dynamic segment on grid reference
  • Limit best fit (for example: the ability to restrict removal of the cylinder parallel to the a axis, while still obtaining the best fit with the points)
  • The relationship between the primitive extract - parallel, perpendicular, coincide, offset
  • The quickly adjust based on the priority level primitive (mold)
  • Point display to check the symmetry of the object scanned alignment
  • Map color deviation, real-time in 2D mode Outline
  • Technology snap-to-grid exclusive for models form for free
  • Manipulation based on the revised accuracy of the surface model freely
  • The ability to modify the surface automatically, if the design intent requires it
  • QUICKSURFACE Free Form not only the surface accuracy, the user can manually adjust the resolution and position of the control points in order to avoid light emission surface to grid reference can be the exception and noise
  • Deviation real time in a form free, to help create surfaces with less control points than
  • Control the size of patch and thus resolution on the surface form, free last
  • Hybrid model parameter - start with free-form and primitive basic, users can build CAD model complexity by pruning them and then can change the surface based on design intent.

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