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PHP 7.4.3 Programming language open source

PHP (abbreviation regression: "P... Hypertext Preprocessor", "Personal Home Page") is a programming language script or a kind of code primarily used to develop the application write for server, open source, used for general purposes. It is very suitable with the web and can easily embed into your HTML. Due to be optimized for web applications, speed fast, compact syntax like C and Java, easy to learn and time building the product is relatively shorter compared to other languages, so PHP has quickly become a web programming language most popular in the world.


PHP - programming language open source

PHP is scripting language, embedded HTML server-side, multi-platform. With PHP you create dynamic web pages. The website supports PHP is handled the same as the HTML page usually and you can create and edit them the same way you usually create the HTML page usually.

This version has MySQL support integrated, packaged as Windows installer to install and configure PHP, and automatically configure IIS, PWS and Xitami, with manual configuration for other servers.

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