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Passper for Word

Passper for Word Password recovery Word documents

Passper for Word is a software to recover password to open a Word document locked, or remove formatting and editing restrictions on a Word document without password. Passper for Word allows you to recover data from corrupted files due to virus attack, sudden power failure, hardware failure, sudden power failure, network connection, device error and many other errors. Passper for Word, including a simple interface and intuitive program suitable and easy to use for both novice and expert.


Passper for Word - password Recovery Word documents

The features of Passper for Word

  • Recover open password for Word document: Passper provide 4 types of attack to recover the password.
  • Clear the restrict editing and formatting in a few seconds: Remove the protection and edit Word documents even when you forgot the password.
  • Passper for Word operations by a combination of letters, numbers or symbols you choose. For example, if you select c, a, t, this method will combine them into words like cat, cta, act, atc, tca and many other words to get it back is password.
  • Allows you to recover the password very quickly if you know some details about it.
  • Try all combinations of all characters until find your password.

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