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MiTeC System Information X

MiTeC System Information X 3.7.0 Check system

MiTeC System Information X is an application software information system software free is filed under diagnostic software and hardware is provided by MiTeC for Windows. No need to install the application on the host computer, so you can carry it on a USB stick can disassemble his and start running whenever you want to check the PC that you are currently working.

Windows is where you can get overview with name and name user-PC current, as well as the available wireless networks and the strength of them. You can proceed to scan, as soon as you select the type of additional data that you are interested in, can be installed the update and hotfix, the event log or information in Active Directory.


MiTeC System Information X - Check out system

MiTeC System Information X based on The component information, system, MiTeC, and provides information system complexity of your system. It has ability to save brief text of report XML full and store the data in the file storage structure (may be read using the API the Windows standard), can be viewed recently.

The program that is developer created as a software product for free, but donations for the ongoing development is appreciated. You can often contribute through the site's main developer.

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