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Macro Expert Enterprise

Macro Expert Enterprise 4.6.4 Automation of common tasks

Macro Expert Enterprise is a powerful tool that will help you save time and money by empowering you to automate fully the work repetitive and regular. Macro Expert Enterprise can simplify a lot of work your computer, providing more than 260 action will meet most all your needs, automate your task. To keep they have the ability to access and organize high Macro Expert Enterprise split these actions into separate groups: Email, Excel document, database, Text, window, FTP, Internet, File, flow, loop, System, interactive, website, etc.


Macro Expert Enterprise - automation of common tasks

Macro Expert Enterprise very easy to operate and it does not require knowledge of advanced programming, allows you to build macros by simple way and natural. This tool features a "Macro Script Editor" powerful, allowing you to easily edit the command macro just by selecting the right action you need to create automation applications without writing a single line of code. This feature will also help you save time and money, reduce development costs and learning.

Macro Expert Enterprise gives you the ability to create a macro just by recording the activity on your computer (mouse actions and keyboard). This tool will track the status window during the operation, provide flexibility for new macro. Macro Expert Enterprise will also allow you to check and observe the new macro create your own to find and fix the errors can appear in the creation process.

Macro Expert Enterprise also offers a scheduler to help simple and convenient for you to automatically run macros. You can set the macro to be started periodically and run on the basis of daily, weekly or monthly. You can also set the trigger action will launch the macro to respond to certain events happen on your computer. You can link maximum 16 enabled with a macro.

Macro Expert Enterprise also allows you to create and run Macros temporary, only record the activities used in short period of time, then remove them. Every time you record the new activity, the Macro will temporarily be overwritten. You can also password protection for each macro, to prevent access and unauthorized use.

The advantages:

  • The program will significantly simplify your work.
  • This application does not require programming knowledge advanced.

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