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Logo Design Studio Pro Vector Edition

Logo Design Studio Pro Vector Edition Professional logo design

Logo Design Studio is software design logo number 1 best-selling in 17 years! You know your business, we know the logo. In the past years, we have helped thousands of businesses new and existing to create their logo by providing the tools, objects, sources of inspiration and guidance necessary to create a unique logo that is personal and professional. Logo Design Studio Pro software logo design selling number 1 in more than 17 years and we want you to join the action.


Logo Design Studio Pro Vector Edition - logo design professional

Logo Design Studio is a program from the people at Summitsoft cost almost forty dollars, allowing you to create a unique logo in just a few clicks of the mouse for company, website, games, your project ... it doesn't matter, just make it please and now it is the truth and the skill level of your PC is not important. Due to the presence of more than 2000 ready-made templates have the logo, you can choose the template you like the most accurate possible and after adjusting a little according to your needs, or you can create from scratch, no one forbids you to do this. In total, you will get over 6000 graphic objects over 750 fonts are made available. Agree the photo is impressive.

As the authors write, the program also suits those who want to take money for it, means you have found a customer would like to have logo, hear it, grab a ready-made form, change the words and a few pictures and get a lot as many people do, it really is a good way to earn money.

The function of Logo Design Studio

Logo complete

Ready to use wherever you need. Logo vector can be scaled in any size without losing sharpness.

Complete control

All the tools you need to create a unique logo. Start with the template, objects, colors, fonts and more.

You own it

It is your design and is your property. Each logo you create and download is your.

Unlimited possibilities

Create a logo or a thousand logo, the possibilities are endless with Logo Design Studio Pro.

Other features of the program

  • Graphic interface convenient in that it's easy to understand, who has worked previously in the graphics editor will understand everything right from the first second
  • A large number of graphic objects ready-made templates, logos, more than 600 textures
  • Tool allows you to select the color of the logo the color of any web page
  • If you need to create a logo design unique, the tool responsible for shaping will help you with this.
  • Presence of built-in effects you can add shadow, frame, blur and other effects to your LOGO
  • Completed projects can be sent immediately to the customer according to the desired format.

Logo made with Logo Design Studio Pro Software

Let's see some logo incredible has been created using software Logo Design Studio Pro. All this logo has been created using the app, logo templates and graphics, easy-to-use Logo Design Studio Pro.

Development with Vector graphics

With Logo Design Studio Pro, you never have to worry about your logo looks blurry or pixel when zooming. Tools and vector graphics integration allows you to shrink its logo in any size without losing sharpness or clarity. From web images to the message header to billboards, your logo will look perfect in any size and in any place.

Unlimited customization

Start with one of the 2,000 sample can be custom, or one of over 6,000 vector shapes, images, fonts, or graphics comes with Logo Design Studio Pro to start designing your logo. Looking for other templates? Check out all of the expansion packs vector of us to have the perfect logo for your business or your industry. All are royalty-free and ready for commercial purposes!

Reshape images of you

Graphics and vector fonts give you the power and flexibility to stretch, bend, reshape and modify the simple shapes. Or use the enhanced drawing tools to create shapes, completely unique your own. The tool is intuitive and flexible, is equipped to meet the needs logo design most advanced.

Special effects incredible

Add a creative touch using professional effects that are noticeable. Lift your logo off the canvas with the ball, more technical beveled 3D and more to make your design looks unique.

Your Logo, your brand, use it everywhere!

Your Logo is the face of your business and is the reflect the personality and culture of your company. Is the identity of your brand, you want to have a logo attractive, professional, can use everywhere to attract customers. Your Logo not only is your name, which is everything you and your business represent. Start creating the perfect logo today with Logo Design Studio Pro.

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