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InventorCAM 2020 SP0 Application CAD/CAM machining details

InventorCAM is a CAD / CAM system the new generation developed by company SolidCAM Ltd of Israel (official distributor in Russia - software consistency). This system is a complete solution to automate production of machining metal. With the use of a variety of strategies is provided by InventorCAM for lathe, milling, turn-milling and machining, electrical erosion, a technician can quickly prepare the necessary set of control programs for machining products. InventorCAM provides a wide range of tools can be used effectively to handle products with complex geometry (stamps, moulds) and parts prismatic. Is a geometry for machining 3-axis, three-dimensional model or solid model is used. The system supports the type of strategy roughing and finishing, such as processing raster with the angle determined or automatically determined by raster, handle evenly spaced, handle lighting, handle on the water, etc.


InventorCAM - Applications CAD/CAM machining details

In addition to the features already listed of 2.5 and 3 axis, InventorCAM provides the tools to identify and modify the site not be processed in the switching times ago. Can create a database of the technological process standards. Once created, the technological process is parameterization, this can be used many times in the future, help to significantly reduce the preparation time of production, increase the reliability of the developed program, unified style, technology development, ensuring only use the treatment technology to optimize and ensure the independence of production from human factors. The absence of cut is ensured by the presence of means of control and visualization of machining. InventorCAM provides many different means to create the control program for machining axis in the machining centers 4 and 5 axis. The model is installed in the plane handles user-defined, then the system will automatically calculate all the parameter displacements and rotation required for the workpiece zero. Therefore, the transition time final preparation is significantly reduced and the accuracy of the process is increased.

nventorCAM have a variety of functions to automate the creation of control programs for turning and turning and milling. InventorCAM supports many kinds of different tools, which allow you to produce efficient vertical turning, trimming, grooving, etc Addition, InventorCAM enables you to automatically create roughing and finishing the contour complexity. Support rotating tool allows you to make the switch milling and drilling in the machining center. The strategic InventorCAM for EDM wire to allow for processing of the contour outside and inside with inclination angle constant and change. Have machining ability 4 axis. A special algorithm to prevent the fall of material to be handled. InventorCAM provides users the means to control the number of physical processing along the entire path of the wire.

The function InventorCAM

  • Computing support 64 bit due to available special version for axis SW 64bit
  • InventorCAM provides high efficiency and accuracy 2,5-axis. The handling strategies for the different elements such as contour, sampling (with island) and grooves, as well as the type of machining various holes are supported: drill, drilling, threading, etc System has the ability to handle the coordination of 2.5 surface analysis.

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