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Ghostpress 2.2.1041 Blocked Keyloggers to track you

Ghostpress is an application anti-keylogger prevents the program of the Tuesday capture the keystrokes of you when you enter. Ghostpress hide absolutely every action press the key from prying eyes. To activate protection, just run the program. You can click on the icon green operation to temporarily stop protection. Unfortunately, there is no tray icon available, but you can use a computer utility to the table is provided to track the status of your protection.


Ghostpress - Blocks Keyloggers monitoring your

Ghostpress can be launched from any location, even a USB drive or other devices. It does not need to be installed first, so you can use it to secure its operations on multiple machines. Of course, the program can not find and remove malicious software, but it is a great tool for people who alternate between multiple computers and want to ensure their actions are not being followed.

Ghostpress offers you another method to control the protection module, so you can send the app to the system tray and start or stop the service with the help of the gadget to the desktop. In a nutshell, Ghostpress is a lightweight utility can reliably hide the button of you, stop the keylogger collected information is potentially sensitive. It is very easy to use, unobtrusive and completely portable.

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