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Garbage Collector 1.3.7 Support users to search for resources

Garbage Collector is a program that is designed to simplify and facilitate the search for the activation key different in the form of text located on different resources in the network. Principle of operation it's simple: the program searches the activation key for Windows, Office (and other types!) Have provided for it masks \ search \ expression, the popular service to share information such as pastebin, the download text and other resources on the network . Besides, you can add your own link to the page of the forum website \, you want to find the activation key for Windwos, Office, etc.


Garbage Collector - Support users to search for resources

In the case of default setting, the program searches through the search query keywords specifically for Google, on services pastebin.com. Interface that provides ten customizable buttons, you can hang the pages of his favorite. Everything can be customized via the program interface.

In addition, you can create a maximum of 16 search query will be run when pressing the auto button, for example, in the program is built, nothing complicated. To automatically set thin, you have to click on the settings icon, add your own link ... Then select the type of search (normal or anonymous) and click "Apply and Close". Anonymity is necessary in some cases, to prevent the check from the robots.

From the results page, with search results, select the link and lock program search for these links. It is as simple as simply there is no place ...
The size of the window can change. On the buttons 1 - 10, you can specify the pages or forums of his favorite. In the program, by clicking on the link on the page, the entire text is copied to the clipboard, then click the "Select key" can........ to choose from the key.

If you don't need a search phrase or specific according to your comments, we have handled fast enough, in settings sufficient to clear the check mark. And search requests will not be processed. Added the ability to disrupt the operation of the selection keys and garbage collector. Have the opportunity to ask for his mask to search for text on the page. Now is format lock M $, but you can custom search for the key in another format. For example, even a format: XXX-XXXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX.XXXXXXX

That is, to search for personal data in certain format, just change the regular expressions in files INI, now it is: 0-9a-zA-Z {5} - 0-9a-zA-Z {5} - 0-9a-zA-Z {5} - 0-9a-zA-Z {5} - 0-9a-zA -Z {5}, in that 5 - digits, 0-9a-zA-Z - value.

In fact, the program is a program for parsing general for any kind ... After the first search in the directory the program will be to create an array of key: file Garbage Collector Base.txt. This file should not be removed. The file will be updated when next run. The key can (should) be checked in the PIDKey and save the necessary key.

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