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CRTIV Shumovick

CRTIV Shumovick 1.1 Audio tools

CRTIV Shumovick is a tool audio, AU, AAX and VST plugin for apps music production professional create effect cushion floor, on the creative. This effect is most effective for beats and synth sounds are used in the production of electronic music - EDM, hip-hop and many other sounds. The influence of noise floor created by this plug-in is correlated with the content spectrum of sound is processed.


CRTIV Shumovick - sound engine

Shumovick can also be effective when used on the bass can sound sterile, where it can add a little noise "knee". In fact, Shumovick can also be used on the bus drums sound more feeling of "classic" and aggression for them. Shumovick, however, is not effective when used on the distribution in full, but also can be used on the distribution in full in a number of genres of music. CRTIV Shumovick is a plugin effect relatively CPU demanding, so it requires a computer processor more advanced to use comfortably (at least 4 GHz, processor 4). However, the CPU requirement can be lowered by adjusting the number of strips processed by the plug-in.

The features of CRTIV Shumovick

  • Controls the signal floor noise
  • Balanced signal floor noise
  • The number of strip handle can choose
  • Handle floating point 64 bit
  • Manager pre-installed
  • Undo / redo history
  • Compare A / B
  • Notice hints context
  • All sample rates are supported
  • Latency processing.

Application parameters:

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