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Avira System Speedup Pro

Avira System Speedup Pro Optimal operating system

Avira System Speedup is an optimization process operating powerful, penetrating to where there is no user that is using safe and carefully delete the programs and files not in use, optimizing Windows and return the job fast, no errors that you deserve. First, Avira System Speedup Pro will unleash gigabyte of space on your hard disk by deleting the files is obsolete and duplicate. Then stop software, no active consumption of your memory unnecessarily. In addition, with Just one click, System Speedup, bug fixes, fix the broken installation and cleanup registry of your system. To safety if you lose or accidentally delete a file, System Speedup helps you to recover it.


Avira System Speedup Pro - optimized operating system

Features of Avira System Speedup Pro

Keep your PC clean and tidy

First release gigabyte of hard drive capacity by deleting the old file and files duplicate. Then stop using the software doesn't operate without memory

Finally, get rid of annoying programs that only interfere with the work. This will enables to create average additional disk space for: more than 9000 songs, more than 35 000 photos, over 40 movies.

Let's forget about the incident and suspension system

Save yourself from costly calls to the repair center PC. With just one click button, application acceleration, the system will correct the error, restore the broken installation and cleanup the registry.

If you lose or accidentally delete a file, System Speedup will help restore it.

It takes time to download.

A number of optimization tools our allows you to put the system into operational status with maximum speed.

Increase battery performance and battery life.

Get ready to browse the web and play games faster. Just one click will free memory, defragment disks, optimize the process and adjust the permissions of the disk.

The battery runs out fast when traveling? Enough like saving mode, smart energy in smart phone, System Speedup ensure battery life PC long!

Freeing game resources

Allocated amount of resources for maximum process game by shutting down background processes, secondary. The end result is what? Engaging Gameplay with speed and maximum performance.

Don't leave digital traces.

Online activities of you can give you know everything. System Speedup cleans your tracks, delete sensitive information from over 2500 PC application and remove all evidence of the website visits, video views and file downloads

Therefore, the secret data of you will not be available for hackers and roommates too curious.

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