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Anki 2.1.21 Learning support vocabulary

Anki is a program flashcards customizable to help you learn vocabulary, study tests, capture knowledge of the geography of you and more. The program provides access to a library of free flashcards (which are called `Decks`) on a variety of topics, and you can also create your own deck to help you study pretty much the theme you want.


Anki software - Support vocabulary learning

The possibilities are almost endless, you can create flashcards based on simple text or include audio / video, photos and even mark science. Anki used method of training smart (based on algorithm SuperMemo SM2) allows to configure the time you want to learn every day and automatically select the card based on the progress of your learning.

Other features include support for the flooring, shared, synchronization with mobile devices (iPhone / Touch, Android, mobile phone, etc.) and the other computer, chart, statistics, schedules, custom research, and more. You can find the floor to be shared on the website, Anki and import them to get started.

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