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Altair PollEx 6.1.0 PCB design

Altair PollEx is software design and engineering requirements view system about products and systems. Integrated design of behaviors of mechanical and electronic is a trademark of the product development today. Based on the solid foundation of simulation software for mechanical, Altair has expanded into the field of system simulation and electromagnetic. Pollex PCB solved Altair and verification tools extend these capabilities into a new domain name, allowing Altair to provide software for the design decisions system level.


Altair PollEx - PCB design

Software Altair PollEx is the set of tools to view, analyze, and verify the PCB design comprehensive and integrated the best on the market for the electrical engineer, electronics and manufacturing. PollEx is a solution open to help transfer data between the simulation environment and ECAD different. Although the tool PCB design is dedicated to design engineers, PCB engineers from other disciplines such as hardware design, manufacturing, test and mechanical also need to access, review and analyze data, design and production of PCB and the package integrated Circuit (IC) of them.

Altair PollEx provides the ability to connect superior for all systems and formats ECAD related as well as software simulation PCB of the side Tuesday and put the Design for Excellence (DfX) through a joint application and a set of test design based on powerful rule to solve the following restrictions design after the design stage. Its many features include query, measure, finding objects, and various reports. PollEx operate in an open environment, can transfer data flawlessly between the simulation environment and ECAD different.

The features of Altair PollEx

  • PollEx PCB Modeler quick reads entire PCB design data in an intuitive interface and flexibility to explore design details. The user can perform the query, measure, finding objects, see topology, mesh analysis, comparison and PCB design get support import and export for all packages, ECAD standard and format layout the PCB.
  • PollEx PCB Unified Part Editor (UPE) is management software, data electronic part merge allows users to create and edit data part (from the manufacturer, including physical, logical, thermal, power, manufacturing and testing); create the data part by using the wizard create automatically and manually (including the geometry package 3D for mechanical design); data management cohesive to cohesive analysis and control (from device-specific); and it supports many formats and tool supplier of EDA.
  • PollEx investigate the integrity signal (SI) and the problem about PCB heat thanks to the intuitive and easy-to-use is fully integrated into The modeling PCB PollEx and The editing part the most (UPE). Including the SI domain effective support models SPICE and IBIS for latency of wave transmission, reflection, crosstalk, diagram of the eye, scattering, reception and calculate the matrix impedance.

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